"An Etch-A-Sketch for the digital age"

Art delivered straight to your wall.

Wake up to a new piece of art every day. A sketch of Hockney for when you’re hosting a summer BBQ. Klimt's The Kiss for romancing. And Dogs Playing Poker for a boys’ night in. Obviously.

365 Days of Art

Information displayed in style.

Hang Joto in the kitchen and it’s a family to do list. Pop it up a cafe and it's an updatable menu. Or use it in the workplace and it’s a nifty noticeboard.


Notes and news shared live.

Quotations, Tweets, headlines, happy birthdays and “Hello, how are you?”s. Joto can handle them all. Jot-to-Jot Messaging is even enabled, allowing you to scribble on your friend’s wall from anywhere in the world.

How would you use Joto?

All of the above is as easy as clicking a button, but we’ve designed Joto to be as flexible as you are creative.

Email hello@joto.rocks to share your ideas and we’ll feature the best on our social feeds, giving you all the kudos of course.