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    Say hello to Joto, the first connected whiteboard that draws with a pen. Send drawings to your walls or turn your home into an ever-changing gallery. Joto takes requests, sketching everything from works of art to love notes, to-do lists to puzzles.

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    Key features


    All automatic! Joto has a wipeable surface that allows it to refresh itself at the push of a button.

    Refillable Pen

    Joto’s custom pen returns to the dock, so it doesn’t dry out and refills ready for the next jot. Also, you can replace the nib whenever you need.

    No expensive consumables

    The first generation of Jotos has been designed with a refillable ink dock, so that you can keep Joto running without needing expensive refills.

    Wifi Connected

    Send Jots to family and friends from wherever you are in the world! All you need is a wifi connection to get up & jotting.

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    How am I able to send drawings & messages to the Joto from anywhere in the world?

    Simply download the Joto app (available on iOS and Android) to freehand draw, type, emojis, stickers, import SVGs or discover Jots from other community members.

    Can I use other design programs outside of your app?

    The Joto app allows you to import SVGs so you can use programs like Adobe Illustrator to create your Jots.

    What colour ink does the Joto draw and how long does it last?

    We supply the ink from Edding in Black, but you can get other colours. It lasts up to 6 months depending on how often you Jot.

    Can you use any marker pen?

    No. Jot has an in-built pen and a special dock that means the pen doesn't dry out and its always ready to Jot. There's no expensive consumables as Joto uses ink that readily available off the shelf. You just need to keep the ink topped up from time to time.

    How do I secure the Joto to my wall?

    Joto comes with mounting screws if you would like to mount it on the wall. If not, many users place it on a desk, against a wall, or on a kitchen worktop. We sell a Bamboo Stand that allows you place Joto on any flat surface.

    Is it battery operated, or does it plug into wall?

    Joto is mains powered by USB-C. It is possible to run Joto off a USB-C power back, but we don't supply this.

    Do you have designs that can automatically draw on the Joto?

    Yes, we have launched our first subscription call 365 Days of Art that allows you to have a new piece of work on your wall from world renowned artists and illustrators.

    If I order today when will I receive it?

    It depends on where you are located but is expected to be 3 days UK, 6 days EU, 10 days US, ROW please enquire. Depending on Seasonal and COVID restrictions.

    What if I have a problem setting up the Joto?

    We have in app user guides with helpful step by step videos, a community forum with lots of help, and live chat if you need a hand with anything – we will do everything we can to help.

    I am based in Europe is your Joto compatible here?

    Yes we have compatible plug adapters for Joto to work in UK, US and EU.

    What other products do you sell?

    Here at Joto we are experts in drawing machines, we make custom drawing machines for art installations, exhibitions and shop windows. If you would like to know more, get in touch.

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